Are you looking to PURCHASE your new home or REFINANCE your existing home and lower your monthly mortgage payment? We can provide you with the lowest and best possible mortgage, and interest rates by shopping for the best rate quote. The most popular Mortgage Loans include: FHA Loans, 30 – Year Loans, 15 – Year Loans, VA Loans, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Conventional Loans, and Reverse Mortgage Loans. We provide you with great Lenders who provide you with Hassle-Free Mortgage Loans and peace of mind. Our service provides you access too many lenders who offer a variety of mortgage loan products.

It is very important to choose the right mortgage loan based on your financial situation. If you are a first-time home buyer, you must make sure that you shop around for the best and most appropriate mortgage loan, educate yourself and spouse as best as you can on home ownership and mortgage related issues including the different mortgage loan products available.

Why Choose Us for Your Home Mortgage Loan?

  • We offer you excellent loan options that best suits your mortgage needs and meet your financial goals.
  • We walk you through the process from start to finish with transparency and professionalism.
  • We make sure that you receive the best possible loan at the best possible interest rate to fit your needs.
  • We close the majority of our loans within 30 – 60 days or less. Excellent customer service and satisfaction.
  • We have mortgage experts who will answer all questions and concerns you might have during the process.
  • We connect you with a wide range of Lenders who offer an array of home mortgage loan programs. When Lenders Compete For Your Business, You The Customer Benefit From The Competition And Low Mortgage Interest Rates Available. You Are Therefore Guaranteed To Get A Great Deal And A Competitive Rate.

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  • Buy Your Home With No Money Down/Down Payment!!! – Find out if and how you qualify
  • Refinance 100% Of Your Home’s Value through the VA Loan Program.
  • A VA Loan Is Your Earned Benefit As A Veteran Or Member Of The Military Or Surviving Spouse (With VA Loans you can obtain either a Fixed-Rate Loan or ARM Mortgage with NO PMI)

You May Want To Convert An ARM To A Fixed-Rate Mortgage And Benefit From The Current Low Interest Rates.
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A Lower Interest Rate Also Lowers Your Monthly Mortgage Payments.
When Considering The 15-Year Mortgage Loan Option, You Must take Into Consideration The Higher Monthly Mortgage Payment Which Is Due To The Fewer Number Of Years Rather Than The Mortgage Interest Rate. 30-Year Mortgage Loans On The Other Hand Offer You More Flexibility And Is More Convenient And Affordable For The Average Homeowner.
Compare Mortgage Rates And Terms For Various Loan Programs And Choose The Loan That Fits Your Financial Situation. Receive Multiple Offers from A Variety Of Lenders.
If You Do Not Qualify For An FHA Or VA Loan, We Will Assist You In Finding A Conventional Loan Program That Will Fit Your Needs and Financial Situation.

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(Compare Mortgage Offers From Various Lenders)   

FHA Mortgage Loans:
The FHA home loan/mortgage program was created to increase new home ownership by making more buyers able to access loans. The FHA Program is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Lenders reduce their risk when they issue FHA backed or guaranteed loans since the FHA will reimburse the lender if the borrower defaults on the loan repayment.   

Purchasing or Refinancing with an FHA loan provides you with a fixed-rate security of a government-insured loan. Purchase your home with just 3.5% down payment. In some cases you could refinance without an appraisal if you qualify for the FHA Streamline Mortgage Loan. The FHA Loan also provides refinancing through the FHA Streamline. FHA loans are ideal for borrowers who need to finance more that 80% of what their home is worth or appraised value.

These are the types of home loans that FHA mortgage lenders offer:

  • 203(b) Loans - Purchase single-family homes, condominiums, and 1 to 4 unit multifamily homes.
  • 203(K) Loans – Rehabilitate or improve a home that you plan to buy or already the owner.
  • Manufactured or mobile homes (with or without land).
  • Refinance a current FHA loan or non FHA loan that you already own.
  • Reverse Mortgages – Also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM). 

30 – Year Mortgage Loans:

The 30 – Year fixed loan is the most common and traditional type of mortgage loan.

15 – Year Mortgage Loans: (Intelligent Mortgage financing) – Lowest rates, Apply NOW!!!!!!!!!

Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster - 15 – Year Mortgage Loans

The 15 – Year fixed loan is a less common and traditional type of mortgage loan that enables borrowers to pay their mortgage loan back in full within 15 years. Usually has a lower interest rate compared to the 30 – Year fixed loan. The 15 – Year Mortgage allows you to pay less interest over a shorter period of time and as quickly as you want.

VA Mortgage Loans:

We can get you a 100% (No Money Down or Down Payment) low interest rate VA Loan if you qualify as a Veteran, Military Member, or a Spouse of a Veteran. With a VA Mortgage Loan, you do not need the 3.5% - 5% down payment. A VA Mortgage Loan requires no PMI and flexible credit requirement make the VA Loan the best choice for veterans and military members. The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 (VA Home Loan Program) added a set of benefits to eligible service members and their spouse. The VA (Department of Veterans affairs) guarantees the loans and therefore will reimburse the lender should the borrower default on his or her loan repayments and obligations. This reduces the risk to the lenders and increases lender participation. The VA does not directly lend the money to the borrower.

VA mortgage lenders offer a variety of loans including the following:

  • Mortgage loans to buy a single-family home, condominium in a VA-approved community or development, or a co-op.
  • Mortgage loan to build a single-family home.
  • Mortgage loan to refinance an existing home currently owned by the borrower.
  • Mortgage loan to renovate, repair, or upgrade an existing primary home or residence.
  • Mortgage loan to buy a manufactured home and or lot.
  • Investment in energy-efficient improvements to an existing home to include lighting, solar heating, and cooling systems.

If you need additional expert guidance and information on how to apply for a VA loan, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you from start to finish. In order for us to call you, please provide us with the following:
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Adjustable Rate Mortgages:
5 or 7 Year ARM Loans offer the lowest mortgage rates available, and borrowers potentially pay a lot less compared to a traditional fixed rate mortgage over the first 5 or 7 years of your loan. Great for some types of investment properties. With that Adjustable Rate Mortgages the rate is variable and therefore subject to change after 7 years. CONVERT YOUR ARM TO A FIXED-RATE MORTGAGE - If you currently have a 5 or 7 Year ARM Loan that will mature or reset within the next 12 – 18 months, DO NOT WAIT. This is the time to start your REFINANCE PROCESS.

Home Equity Loans:
Do you have EQUITY in your home? Do you need to RENOVATE or REMODEL your home. A Home Equity Loan is the perfect vehicle to pay for any major work or upgrade you do to your home. Ask us how we can help you secure just the right Home Equity Loan for you at the lowest interest rate possible. You can also draw on your home equity for cash to Invest, Consolidate Debt, Pay College Tuition, Buy A Car, or For Other Reasons.

Reverse Mortgage Loans:
Before you apply for a Reverse Mortgage, there are a few facts you must know; First, in order to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage you MUST be at least 62 Years old and a current homeowner. Secondly, you must educate yourself on the pros and cons of getting a Reverse Mortgage. That includes getting a FREE Retirement Your Way Guide and DVD. Call us to talk to one of our experts or send us an email and we will contact you promptly. You can find out if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you, if you qualify for a Reverse Mortgage, How Much Money You Qualify For and Can Receive, and Other Facts About Reverse Mortgages For You to Make An Informed Decision. A Reverse Mortgage will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments.

Referral Program:
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Mortgage Calculator:
Use our mortgage calculator to determine what your monthly payments will be for a new home purchase or refinance of an existing mortgage loan. Be aware that your monthly mortgage principal amount typically does not include Insurance or Property Taxes which is paid directly by the homeowner or through escrow by the homeowner’s mortgage company.

Credit Score & Reports:
Let us pull your tri-credit report (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian), without affecting your credit score. By law you can question any information on your credit report if you believe it is incorrect, misleading, ambiguous, questionable, or unverifiable, etc. If your credit report contains negative information or items that are questionable or unverifiable, you can challenge the reporting agency in writing and have them removed if they cannot be supported whoever is reporting the information to the 3 credit bureaus.

Credit Report Fees: 

Provide you with a consolidated credit report from all 3 credit bureaus (3-in-1 report).
                                                           (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian)
Single Individual:   - $19.95                                    
Married Couple:    - $29.95

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Credit Repair Service: (Register for Credit Protection & Monitoring)
We provide this service to you through an affiliate partner. There are no up-front fees and you only pay per item removed from your credit. In order to receive this service, you must click on the Credit Repair button and follow the instructions. The service also offers free ongoing monitoring of your credit by the company if you choose to do so. There is no contract and you can cancel this service at any time when you feel that your credit has reached where you want it to be. Logon and view the introduction video online.

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